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    Managing my TC money

    Dale M. Richardson

      I began managing my TC funds a year ago. A local TC advisory office was established and I started with a meeting with my advisor. I went through the Ibbotson/Morningstar profiling process and followed the recommendations for an array of TC funds for my unrestricted accounts: traditional, SEP, and ROTH IRAs. Additionally I established a TC brokerage account.


      My time horizon is:

           1.  Don't need the TC money now.

           2.  Will need to tap into it 8 to 10 years from now.


      My wife and I are in our early 70s.


      I have become a student of the markets and have been disappointed with the Ibbotson recommendations. I have made several changes in them in the past year and am very active (not trading too frequently) with my brokerage account. I am successful with the brokerage account, but not with the Ibbotson recommended funds. My next step is to establish a brokerage window in my retirement funds sector of TC.


      My point in all of this is to ask if others are similarly disappointed with the recommended mutual funds approach? And, does anyone know of useful interactive blogs out there dealing with this issue?

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          I too have been very much disappointed with the returns of my TIAA-CREF actively managed IRA account. The returns of this managed IRA have been very much below my self-managed accounts.


          Like you I have also become a student looking to educate myself in investment matters. I have especially found the writings and podcasts of Paul Merriman to be very helpful. Merriman's website is http://paulmerriman.com/


          Merriman is a retired financial adviser and at one point owned an advising business. His interest now in his retirement is to educate the general public on financial matters. His articles, recommendations and podcasts can be accessed mostly for free on his website, and any monies that he does make goes to his foundation. He also provides specific recommendations for various mutual funds, although he does not give any recommendations for TIAA because each institution has their own fund choices for their participants. I highly recommend this website for everyone.


          Another website I have found useful is the Morningstar discussion forum for TIAA-CREF. You can access this forum at the following website http://socialize.morningstar.com/NewSocialize/forums/100000044.aspx


          There is so much to learn. I only wish I had paid more attention to these matters much earlier in my career.

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              I strongly recommend looking into the Morningstar suggestion. That particular forum has many professors, both retired and looking forward to it, that use their teaching skills to give excellent T-C-specific suggestions and advice.


              Many there are risk-adverse and favor annuities, but they know much, much more than that topice and will address your specific questions in depth.    GOOD LUCK!!!!    :-))))

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                Dale M. Richardson

                Thanks Chanliendo. Just the kind of references I am looking for will



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