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      I am single with no children. My support system is very small. I have been doing a lot of research and unable to figure out who I can appoint as a trusted person to oversee my finances if I become incapcitated. TIAA-CREF also has a section on incapacity with good information but it does not take into account a person may not have a trusted person who they can trust to manage their finances and power of attorney. Trusting someone else with your own money is a hugh concern. With all of the research I have done it seems that it will become more of a common problem since people are living longer and also outliving their trusted person they had for finances and power of attorney. I am looking for any ideas they may help me and could possibly help many others.

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          Given your statement that you have no others to seriously consider when handling your retirement (and other?) assets, I am going to recommend an approach that I personally don't choose but which sounds like an excellent path for you. Have you considered placing enough of your retirement assets into an annuity so that your base needs and maybe a little more are automatically covered by regular payments?


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