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    I'll have that with a Side of Hardi-


      Fourth year into retirement, spouse and I are having Hardi-board / plank installed all around the house bought in 1984 (summer) after 31 years - wrap house and cover the T1-11 (beach house plywood - gray - painted at most three times after original construction circa 1970). This work begins today and continues through Saturday. The head carpenter (who supervises) works generally Monday through Thursday 10 hours per day.

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          Installers are putting up the Hardi-board (primed) and since our color was going to be Grey,

          we actually like the "raw" appearance. The "primed" color is fine. Do we have to

          have this painted (two coats) any way, even though we like

          the default "color" of the product right out of the package (already being installed)?

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              Yes. The factory primer serve well for what it was intended but will chalk and absorb moisture if not protected by paint. Besides that, all end joints at doors, windows, etc will need to be caulked to protect the raw edges. Painting, according to manufacturer's instructions, is important.


              BTW, good choice with the Hardi Plank. We have it on two houses where the elements can be a problem - one near salt water and the other in a dense woods - and neither has peeled or failed in any manner in about 15 years.