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    Living with purpose

    Margit Henderson

      Consider what makes your life feel meaningful now.

      How might you continue to live purposefully as you get older?

      Share your thoughts with us!

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          Living comfortable makes my life feel meaningful. I am not trying to be the Jones or close to them but I would like to keep all my bills paid on time. As i get older, I would like to have those bills paid off and be able to help my children and grands whenever they need it without putting myself in a bind.

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            Lyn Swett Miller

            Great questions!


            Time.  When I rush, I feel more overwhelmed more easily.  When I take my time and mindfully attend to my day's commitments, whatever I am doing feels more meaningful.


            In the past, I have spent so much time being 'meaningfully' engaged with public service activities, my work and my family, that I was actually stressed and not necessarily as effective as I could have been. Last September, I 'unplugged' from all committees and extra commitments for a year (I have three months left) to let myself re-group.  It has been an incredible gift and is helping me re-focus how I spend my time in the future. My family and friends appreciate how much calmer and more focused I am when we are together.


            As I get older, I plan to commit more of my energy to fewer 'extras.'

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              Mercedes Ballou

              I have to agree with the Lynn Miller.  Time is what I value the most since I retired 18 years ago.

              I enjoy the luxury of creating my own schedule--especially in the morning when I can eat breakfast and read the paper without worrying about the time to leave for work.  It has been difficult for me to adapt to so much free time but I'm getting better at it and finding opportunities for enriching my life.  I go to the library more, to movies, serve on my condo building board and I have recently signed up as a participant in the local voter registration and in my local art council. With some occasional luncheons and card playing, my life is, if not exciting, satisfying.