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    plan to stay on budget


      you're kidding, right?

      September / October will begin our fifth year of retirement.

      This (2015) year is our fourth year.

      We intend to "Age in Place."

      Our house space is on three levels.

      It is also quite modest by today's standards.

      We have lived here almost 31 years. This was our first house purchase (at age 40).

      The care we have taken is minimal, so now we are having the entire exterior

      done (wrap the house, Hardi-plank / -board) maintenance-"free" - primed and everything painted two (new) coats

      matching the current colors (gray - built about 1970 T1-11 - beach house vertical siding) and trim

      Chocolate Brown.

      This is in addition to a new Addition of about 400 square feet, by far the largest space in the house

      (outside the original footprint).

      So, you can see although we may exercise great caution, this is far beyond a budget

      sustainable long-term. These are a lot of "one-time" capital expenditures, a modicum of which

      can possibly be covered by current income. Our fifth set of paydays will be coming up soon (month of May).

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          With 3 levels and a plan to stay, you had better add: an elevator, enlarging doors for the wheelchairs, adding a walk-in shower/bath, all lever door handles, and maybe a few others.  


          We have only 2 levels. I have been considering an elevator or maybe just a golf cart to shuttle between the upper level and the garage entrances. The latter solution won't work if they take away my keys!!!!   :-)))


          PS: This might be a good thread in order to gain insights into living in place as we age.