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    Joint Replacement Patient Education


      anyone else putting off (postponing) Joint Replacement? In the case of my spouse, it is hip(s) replacement(s). At age 71 she has already had each eye lens (cataract) with which she is very pleased. She has long-running pain below the waist (thigh, hip, leg) and has been seeing specialist for arthritis. Any other(s) taken the plunge?

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          I had my left hip replaced in 2002. It was like a miracle. I have had no problems with it since, can walk with ease. No pain.

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            I am navigating this experience right now. My chiropractor recommended that I get three opinions in total. So, the first doctor  said I need a knee replacement, but gave me a shot of cortisone and the knee feels better. The pain is under control. I'll see what the next two doctors say!

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              Spouse reports that after the education, new and different for the pain - and (physical) therapy for three weeks(?). I asked whether she had inquired about getting rid of a pain (in the lower regions) she has been living with - namely yours truly.

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                I had my knee replaced when I was 77 and my hip replaced when I was 80.   I regretted that I had waited so long.

                The recovery period for a knee replacement involves a bit more physical therapy than a hip replacement, because

                the knee has more complex motions. Both experiences were not difficult and I have had no problems since the

                surgery.  I had a wonderful surgeon.  If I had any recommendation to give you, it would be to seek out a surgeon who

                has done many of these surgeries, and to inquire about his or her success rates.  Many hospitals offer  information

                sessions for prospective patients and their families.  I found the session very useful and would recommend it highly

                if it is available in your area.

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                  I had a total knee replacement last September after I got to the point where I couldn't walk without severe pain. I tried cortisone shots that helped a little, but wore off. When I saw the x-rays that showed the bone rubbing on bone in my left knee, I knew it was time to do something.


                  Although the prospect of any surgery is a little scary, I am SO glad I had it done. My surgery went smoothly. I was in the hospital for 4 days, then went home where I had physical therapy at home for 3 weeks before graduating to outpatient PT.


                  A couple of important points: if you can, begin exercises (ask your doctor) a month or two before surgery to try to strengthen muscles. If you don't go to a rehab center, then be diligent about doing the exercises at home between physical therapy appointments. Yes, there's some pain in the recovery process, but after 2 1/2 months I was able to walk a mile and climb stairs with little pain. Now I am able to resume normal activities including gardening which I've missed. Having joint replacement was a good choice for me, and when it comes time to do my other knee, I will do it.

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                    My wife had hip replacement surgery 1 3/4 years ago. Going for other hip this Summer. The surgery was Anterior (frontal) approach where they did not have to cut muscles or tendons. She walked the same day with a walker for support.  By the end of a week, she could walk without assistance.  She did not need physical therapy!

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                      While we were at our vacation cottage just one 24 hours, neighbor(s) said someone they knew had the "new kind" of hip operation (front - or back - they did not know for certain - in any case, they said a lot less cutting of muscle) and the person had the other hip replaced four days later - recovery quick - up "in no time." Do you know about this new way? I am thinking of checking on line Mayo Clinic and also the Cleveland Clinic - for more information. I am not the one - she is. However, I am the one really concerned. Her slightly older sister has undergone each over some period of time and quite a few years ago.

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                        I have had both Knees and both Hips replaced.  If she is in significant pain, then I recommend she take the plunge.  Get the joint replaced.  If she is walking stiff legged or using other compensatory techniques to walk she could be causing back pain and continuing back problems.  If she is limiting her movement/exercise because of the pain, then that leads to other problems and debilitation in the long run.

                        Before any surgery is done, she needs to do her homework.  Find a good surgeon; and good anesthesiologist; and a good hospital.  I recommend a university based or affiliated hospital/medical center, not a community hospital.  If you would like suggestions on finding the medical resources, let me know and I'll tell you what I did to find mine.

                        It has been about 7 years since I had my first surgery (knee replacement) and only 1.5 years since my last surgery (hip replacement).  I am walking and or working on my property every day and loving a pain free life.

                        Good luck to you and your wife.