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    It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year


      Two things about our (Federal) Income Tax returns:

      - we pay a CPA to prepare the actual returns, someone who specializes in the provisions for Clergy (including retired) and

      - the CPA files electronically (which gives much faster turnaround) as of a year ago.

      Eight other intentions:

      - Social Security Numbers without error - these are pre-printed in many cases

      - spell name(s) without error

      - math done correctly

      - signature - done electronically by the preparer - for which we signed what is effectively a release or power to do so.

      - right tax form (and supporting forms)

      - right filing status

      - credits and deductions for which we are entitled - for us primarily Housing (allowed for retired clergy), Contributions and Medical (as of prior year)

      - claim ALL income. In retirement, it is amazing how many different income sources (they are Legion).


      In addition to all year long, my personal intense work to bring this off has taken essentially the entire week just ending.

      We are hoping to meet on Wednesday to turn over all these details to the CPA.


      Most Wonderful Time ...