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    press 9 on the pad


      to be removed from the call list.

      We get a lot of "robo-calls" and this is the first I am aware of that, after a pause, gave this instruction.

      Before that they said "press 1" (the context is the Medicare supplement insurance chance to save money by switching).

      Fortunately our loyalty to the PC(USA) Board of Pensions means we are not likely to take the bait.

      Even so, I suspect the "press 9" may be a ploy to confirm there is an actual human being.

      What are the odds that rather than removing our number from the Call list, it gets spread around that someone here does respond

      (is there a pulse?)?

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          Yes, Bo, we are also getting more and more robocalls. Day and night every day. We have been on the "Do Not Call" list since it was first introduced. It used to work fairly well. But now these companies are claiming that they are "partners" to companies you do business with so that they do not have to honor Do Not Call. Just now I got a call from a company trying to sell us an extended car warranty (they are really pesky). I finally stayed on the line to be able to complain to a person and he said, "We got your VIN number from your car dealer we so have a right to call you."


          Does anybody know who we can contact to stop these harassing calls??!! I'll try the "dial 9" trick but I doubt that will work.

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              Since around 1968 we have subscribed to Consumer Reports - now also subscribe on-line in addition to print. This is currently a priority there:

              Fed up with robocalls? You can help put an end to them.

              New FCC rules are aimed at ending these annoying telemarketing tactics

              Published: January 2014

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                  Thanks, Bo! I appreciate the citation! Actually, I was feeling smug because I found this Consumer Reports article free online via my local public library web site. Then I poked around a bit more and learned that the EBSCO Host Connection will connect you with your library's online Consumer Reports (and presumably many other periodicals) via their online search engine. Here is the robocall article and from there you can investigate more about EBSCO:



                  I love becoming a savvier and more frugal consumer FOR FREE!!

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                    This is the gist of what the (very brief) Consumer Reports article sais:


                    Depending on your telephone system you might be able to block robocalls by using an app called "Nomorobo". Check the nomorobo.com website for details.


                    What you can do. Until there’s a Robocop

                    for robocalls, protect yourself:

                    • If you pick up a robocall, hang up immediately.

                    Pressing a number signals that

                    the autodialer has reached a live number

                    and can lead to more calls.

                    • Limit at least some unwanted calls by listing

                    all of your numbers in the Do Not Call

                    registry. Go to donotcall.gov or call 888-382-1222

                    from the number you want to register.

                    • If you have caller ID, record robocallers’

                    numbers and report them to the FTC via the

                    Do Not Call registry. Your information goes

                    into a database that can help regulators

                    identify the sources of illegal robocalls.

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                  Thousands of calls later, we let the answering machine take all calls.  You call us, please leave a message.  We do not answer the phone.  Frustrates the dickens out of some of them !!!!!!!  Love it !!!!!!!!  As long as you are not charged for house/cell phone minutes and you do answer, leave the phone on speaker and don't talk.  They get so frustrated it becomes

                  hilarious !!  Nothing else worked for us.  Beat them to the pass and bait the trap and have a great smile !!  Easy pickings like a fox in a hen house !!!!!

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                      I found something that works to stop robocalls! (At least, it seems to be working right now.)


                      The FTC got sick and tired of robocall companies (usually offshore companies) violating the law and harassing people with  robocalls. So the FTC sponsored a contest two years ago for any person or company to come up with the best "cure" for robocalls. The winner was "Nomorob". It's a free computer app that works with most landline phones (not cell phones). You enter their phone number on your "My Accounts" page of your phone company and it stops robocalls. Your phone will ring once and then the call is blocked. We've been using it for 2 weeks now and it really did stop all the robocalls!


                      Of course, it might have stopped some legitimate calls, too. We still have to look into that. For example, I did agree that the computer at the Social Security Administration could call me back rather than me sitting on hold forever and Nomorobo blocked the call back. I had to call SS again and stay on hold this time. But other than that, things seem to be working fine.


                      You can find out more about Nomorobo and download the free app here:   Stop robocalls and telemarketers with Nomorobo