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    In honor of Valentine's Day...

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      As I'm sure you're all aware, this Saturday is Valentine's day. It's mine and my fiance's last Valentine's day before we get married in October. I thought it would be fun to hear about your happy marriages and relationships.

      How long have you been together? How did you meet?


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          Although we were at the same university all four years, our "first date" was the senior year and last semester.

          We saw the movie "The Sound of Music" downtown Winston-Salem, then to Krispi-Kreme for orange juice and doughnuts (glazed) straight off the factory line. By the end of March, I had applied to the same theological seminary, was accepted and after graduation we headed from NC up to New York City. We married about 15 months later and next September will be our 48th anniversary. Our one offspring was born 1971.

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            Late post but my husband and I have been married for almost 28 years. We are a young couple so we did a lot of growing and learning together. We met in a small country town where we both grew up. After we got married we moved from that small town to another area in North Carolina, where we still currently live with our children and grands.

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              I was at college & walked up with a buddy of mine to the Student Center for a coke. I told my friend that I needed a date for the night & was going to ask the next girl who came down from the girl's dorm above the Student Center for a date. The first girl was about as wide as she was tall so I decided to ask the second girl. Well I walked over to the second girl & started to chat & after a few minutes invited her to a movie & she said yes. We went to see Jane Fonda in Barbarella. We married about two years later after breaking up & finally getting back together. This week we will have been married for 44 years.