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    a ting about monthly fees


      We moved our banking business (checking) from a bank that charged monthly fees to print check images and mail them, even though the same bank for decades had made enough profit mailing actual checks in huge stacks to us (thick envelopes). The Fee was per account. My argument was that they should not charge any fee at all, since check images actually allowed the bank to save money. There expenses were less, so they began charging where there had been no prior charges.

      I also refuse any credit card that insists on annual fee(s).

      Now I am a hold-out (9% in this country?) against mobile telephone (my spouse has a mobile, as she has for many years). Now I read of a service which charges for actual usage  - however, each month there is a per-device charge of $6, even with no usage at all.

      For me this is still a show stopper, no matter how much money the plan would save me. My current monthly is $ zero.