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    with a Side of fade-resistance


      This (wooden siding) house built near 1970 was painted just before we moved in (1984) and has been painted two times in 30 years (exterior). It is gray and has Chocolate brown trim. I painted it myself over a period of years. More recently it was painted by a so-called professional painters (since I was at work every day, I never saw any actual painting going on, including any equipment used - ladders or scaffolding). I asked them to Prime and paint two coats. I am not sure they did either. We bought the house at 40. Now we are 70 (spouse just turned 71). My preference would be to cover all that we have with some siding which never needs to be painted - now or in the future. Anyone have experience with such, things to recommend (or watch out for, being careful). The most important thing (regarding style) is that the new siding needs to be vertical. What we have is 1/2" plywood a sort of  inverted Board and Batten (kind of thing one would see at the beach). I would call the 1970 house style is "California" or "contemporary" including cathedral ceiling, about 1,700 sq. ft. interior on 3 levels, generous lot size.

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            When we bought our current house, I thought that the sided portions looked a bit deficient. The owner fancied himself a painter from an earlier life and he failed to restore very well the some kind of fiber siding with a paint job. Much of the house is brick but there are important accents up high that need siding. Our property is hilly and the house quite tall so I would never ever even attempt to paint it.


            We routinely go to home shows to see what products are available. Whereas I would never put regular vinyl siding on a house since I can literally spot it from a great distance and getting closer doesn't add any appeal for me. We spotted a premium, rigid vinyl siding that looks very much like painted cedar and contracted to side over the existing material along with wrapping the wood surfaces with aluminum for maintenance-free surfaces. The product is called "Nailite" and probably costs 3 times what regular vinyl siding does. However, it is very beautiful, robust, very effectively simulates painted cedar and is maintenance-free except for a low-power wash now and then.


            I am not sure what you are looking for or whether you are willing to change to a cedar look. Also, I am not sure whether they offer the "vertical" style you propose. But it is a great product that you can compare to other choices and maintenance requirements. Adding this siding on a house your size will cost $1,000's but I don't think that you will ever have to paint again.