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    SSA dot Gov Earnings Record(s)


      I first paid Social Security (FICA) around 1962 when I filed as self-employed.

      Every year after that I sent / mailed a request for Earnings Record.

      After marrying in 1967, I did the same for spouse (we file joint Federal income tax returns).

      I noticed the records generally were two years, sometimes greater number behind.

      A few years ago, I noticed an error for two earlier years. It was an obvious gap.

      The error was that they had credited ALL to my account, zero to the account of my wife.

      A CPA prepares our tax returns, so I pointed out the problem and the CPA prepared the correction forms.

      If we were required to sign, then we did sign and send in.

      Then we retired 2011 September. We went in person to the Social Security office.

      Once our payments (to us) began, there were a series of adjustments so the exact benefit amounts kept changing.

      Some of those were Cost of Living adjustments required by law.

      Recently (in December) we went into the two "My Social Security" places and again I noticed my numbers for

      the two years were totally too high (by a lot, 50K or more too high).

      Then on-line I found (today) my spouse still has zero credit for those two years.

      In October, 2014, we began our fourth year of direct deposit from Social Security.

      I hope you, especially those who file joint tax returns, also are keeping on top of these records.

      To me this means that for about forty payments, all of ours have been incorrect.

      My spouse should be getting more, having higher credits (if the records had been fixed, as requested).

      A baby nighmare (would that be called a nightColt?).

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          to Congress 11th District office:

          We file Federal Income Tax returns jointly. The Social Security earnings records for 2005 and 2006 (as I recall)

          have serious errors. Her earnings show zero, his $90,000 or more. Any eyeballing (or computer scan) would

          show these are way out of line in both instances. Our CPA already did amended returns to correct the numbers

          (a few years ago). Now we have been retired more than three years. Our first Social Security direct deposits

          happened 2011 October, so we are in our fourth year. In the process of increasing Federal Tax withholding

          to the maximum, I discovered in the Earnings records that both errors remain. As a general issue,

          I believe that considering credit card companies can detect suggestions of fraud, a very simple comparison

          year to year could have been able to detect this discrepancy for two consecutive years on

          both our earnings records (jointly). The long delay in being able to SEE the records and

          even longer delay (apparently) in making corrections even after amended returns have been

          submitted compounds the problems inordinately. We are now ten years older (approximately)

          than when the problems happened but a big part of that ten years has been taken up by

          built-in delays on many levels and periods of time. This is the 21st Century

          and the "fix" to detect and correct this kind of problem should not be very difficult

          to make happen. If it requires a law to do so, then so be it. ... This is not, I suspect, a problem for just one

          joint return couple. ...