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    non-lethal feral cat repellent


      House cats are not legally allowed to be outdoors in our county but I guess those cats have trouble reading law.

      We have multiple bird feeders and a huge white feral (domestic) cat stalks, night and day.

      It would also be illegal to use a "real" gun to chase this cat away.

      However, how about a Hand Powered Water Cannon that holds 46 ounces (of water)?

      How do you repel these pests? Maybe I could breed some rats that are trained to attack feral cats.

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          First ?  Is it a Feral or does the cat belong to somebody?  If you are certain it is a  feral cat, animal control will usually come and live trap it.  If the cat belongs to somebody your probably SOL.  Unfortunately bird feeders attract birds, birds attract cats, bears and snakes depending where you live.

          You have to very careful what you do or you may be on the biting end of cruelty to animals. 

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            I like to feed the birds but there is the school of thought that it isn't good for them. After seeing a red tail hawk take a cardinal from the feeder I decided maybe there was something to that. If you do feed, make sure you're available to do it during the worst months of the year. Getting them dependent on a feeder, then going south during the months they need food the most, is the worst thing you can do for them.


            Good luck with the cat problem. My dog keeps them outside the perimeter of his underground fence. It's too bad I can't get a collar for them that would keep them out.