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    three crowns and a drip


      Following my recent three (dental) crowns #13 and #31 and another (installed just six days ago)

      I went this morning to my routine scheduled periodontal appointment.

      Before the sunrise this morning, in the dark, I began to move in my side of the queen-size bed

      and felt a wet area spreading. My fear was that I had reverted to age 8 (62 years younger)

      however, the wet bed area did not feel warm!

      I realized that the skylight above the bed has a slight leak and a drip.

      I got a couple of plastic buckets to catch the drip(s).

      The rain began in the dark before we went to bed and was falling hard throughout the night

      and then continued into the morning (commute, for those who did not yet retire).

      Recently we did get the roof inspected and some work done (we paid) including

      existing "legacy" skylights. The contractor will be making a professional visit tomorrow (Friday)

      to check about the guarantee of their work back then.

      In the three decades we have lived here, we have had the asphalt shingles completely replaced

      one (and only one) time.

      If we get a "new roof" I think we may be adding three more skylights to the existing three

      as well as having the leaky one and its mate rebuilt (from the roof line upward).