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    Lever Door Lock and (electronic) keypad


      The house where we live was built circa 1970 and when we moved here 1984 I replaced the lock cylinders with a pair keyed alike.

      (We use only the dead bolt - upper, not the "regular" - to confuse those not in the know).

      I also installed a storm door. That has seen its better days (better days were not all that good).

      Now we are 70. Then we were 40.

      Spouse wishes to replace the heavy original entrance door; also replace storm (and screens) door.

      When that is being done, I want to make sure we get a Lever (as opposed to a knob)

      and also make locking and unlocking easy with 6-digit codes (different for each relative we allow to enter, can be deleted and added).

      Anyone have (positive) experience with such?

      Also, do you have or know of one which a person can lock and unlock via the Internet, WiFi, iPhone and so forth?

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          BoBraxton, thanks for starting a discussion thread. What is your reasoning for wanting to make these changes?

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            I know nothing about coded locks. This may make you a bit uncomfortable, but I would install keyed deadbolts and not an unkeyed lever inside unless you have no side light panels. I would also install jams that strongly resist kick-in entry. Few standard doors can resist a good strong kick unless reinforced.


            We live out of town a bit with people routinely heading to another close by state and/or the casinos. Many of the houses here have had break-ins since some of this traffic is druggies looking for something to convert to cash. Peeked in a neighbors house a while back when wanting to talk to him about his dogs. He had a shotgun leaning against the kitchen cabinet. That may be another way of projecting your intent if you have small sidelights.  :-))))


            The lever handles are nice. We added them to new and existing patio doors when we added a deck.

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                Just took a look at our front 3-ft. door to imaging kick-in. It does have dead-bolt - and some kind of metal - but still. My father (1916 - 1988) was a carpenter and frequently said (on the job) "locks are to keep honest people out." (meaning that anyone who really wants to enter a residence, with knowledge, can and could certainly do so).

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                Touch pad locks come in both digital and mechanical. The digital one the management company put on our vacation rental unit is the nicest I've seen. I believe they're Yale and run about $300 each (not installed). They have a different code for each housekeeper, maintenance person, contractor, owner, etc.The unit is actually a dead bolt and we kept a passage latch under that so we can latch the door without always having to lock it. I've used other manufacturer's locks but prefer this one. Remember to change the batteries a couple times each year if you get a digital lock. Of course that's what the key override is for, assuming you don't lock your key inside!


                Make sure you know what lock you plan to use before purchasing a door. In years past most interior doors were bored with a 2 3/8" backset, and most exterior doors were bored 2 3/4". It doesn't sound like much but a 2 3/8" backset exterior door, with a wide door stop and knob type handle, is a knuckle-buster! If you go with a knob make sure the door is bored at 2 3/4". It won't make a difference with a levered lock handle.


                I know that some security companies offer locks that can be cell phone activated but I have no first hand experience with them.

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                  An amazing (and comparative) review - my nephew (in 40's age, decade) just pointed out to me.


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                    A lock is only as strong as the door and jamb.  The deputies in my area, say most home invasions are done by busting the door in or breaking a window somewhere else in the home.  My advise, also install a security camera system that can   transfer data to a back up off site.  Thieves  hate them.  Usually alarm systems that notify a central office who then call and verify and then call police are a bit late. Thieves are gone already.  Motion detectors around outside  are good and inexpensive.


                    I'd keep a loaded shotgun as a last defense, 20 Ga and teach your wife how to use it.  This may be a tough decision if you have grand kids or young children who visit.