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    Sell home now?


      phone rings - not anything I am interested so I do not answer.

      Right away, phone rings. Same caller.



      I am so and so from realtor (company)

      Have you thought of selling your home? No

      Would you consider sometime in the next 1 month to 6 months? No - more like in the next twenty years.

      Goodby. Goodbye.


      Our area was built about 1970 when more land was used and houses were - well - 1970's (or late 60's) - California style, I call them.

      Another story. Two or three years ago, across the street and down about 3 houses one went on the market.

      The owners had done considerable work inside. That house was on one level.

      People we knew found it was on the market. They looked at it and wanted to downsize (they live not far away but outside this community).

      They matched the asking with their offer.

      However, another party happened by on the scene, offering (a little) less but their offer was cash - no mortgage stuff.

      The seller accepted the cash. The house was on the market no more than four days.

      (Unlike now where on a nearby street there are two - one near each end - same kind of floor plan. Each house has been on the market for a couple of weeks by now).

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          We have remodeled our home twice: first when we bought it in 1989, a complete gut/redo which updated all the systems and changed the floor plan. Second was an update ten years ago, to upgrade some of the materials that were skimped on when we ran out of $$$ during the original remodel.


          At the time of the updating, we had a long "wish list" of things to change. We did each project one by one, and about halfway through, I asked a realtor who was familiar with our area (she had grown up a few streets away and attended the school behind our house, in fact) to come visit during the week and tell us if we were doing the right things for eventual resale. I was firm in saying we had no plans to sell, but were simply uncertain if we were spending our money on the right projects.


          This was our first home, but it was never intended to be our "forever" home. So everything we did was a balance of "what works for us" versus "what's good for resale". We live in a starter home area, but it is becoming more desirable geographically and gentrifying rapidly.


          It was very informative to get her feedback. There were projects we thought were important for resale, that she told us to do only if we wanted them, because they wouldn't matter much to a buyer. There were other projects we hadn't thought of, which she told us were important to do, so that the house would show a consistent quality and "look" all the way through.


          It was free, she was happy to give her advice, and it made us resolve that well before we decide to sell the house, we'll get another run-through done to get current feedback on what needs to be done before putting it on the market. We'll use another agent, the person we used has retired, but it was really an invaluable experience.


          Always very interesting to see one's home through somebody else's eyes, who is a neutral third-party.

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