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    "voluntary" combined giving campaign(s)


      "Federal Eye" column today (WaPo) reports on "CFC ... the nation's largest workplace charity drive."


      Reminds me of United Way. I worked offices 1974 until 2009 retirement.

      Before that I worked manual (carpentry, driver and such).

      Spouse and I tithe to the local church and in addition to that

      we have three times a year an hour-long session writing

      checks to quite a few other "charities" (donations).


      From when I began office work January, 1974, I felt quite bothered that there are work places which

      are used (offer) to do fund-raising. My hunch was and is that while participation is "voluntary"

      when someone like me declines at the work place, it makes the organization and "staff" look bad.

      To me it is a matter of principal.

      When 24,000 "charities" participate, no wonder the church (where I began - Southern Baptist - taught tithing)

      may be suffering from widespread competition.


      At the bottom of today's column, it is clear that "charities" are resistant, even though the "donations" fall (peak 2009,

      the year I was encouraged to retire) and in one year reportedly went down 19 percent.


      I wonder how many "staff" felt they were being coerced.