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    Alzheimer's & Dementia CARE Services


      I am firstborn of eight - two brothers, then five sisters. Before I was six years old, my oldest (first) sister was born. My mother was thirty-six (she is still living, age 90 now - I just turned age 70). The sister born 1950 will tell me now "I am 64" and she calls me from time to time on the telephone. "Are you Ok?" she will ask. After a short conversation she will say "Here's (name of husband) in case you want to talk with him." Her husband (they have three male offspring) says "I may have to take the telephone away from her - she may be becoming a nuisance" when she is calling a sibling. I may be her favorite. I am firstborn - she is first (born) of five females. Now I am thinking of Altzheimer's care in the county where they live in North Carolina. I saw her (and all the others) very recently when I went there to celebrate with them my 70th.