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    SO many opportunities to volunteer and have fun!


      I volunteer with CASA< Court Appointed Special Advocates - in my community. As a CASA volunteer, we work to be an independent, loving voice for the 200+ children in foster care, who have been abused, abandoned, or forgotten by their parents, and suddenly find themselves in the foster care system. These children need a loving family and permanent, secure placement . They need to be safe and belong to a family.  As a volunteer advocate, we are an independent voice for the courts as we look for the best interests of that child. CASA especially needs male volunteers! Check it out in your area.


      i also volunteer at two local theaters, taking tickets and greeting folks. THen I get to stay for the performance for FREE! Much fun and people are so friendly.


      I also work with a group called LAWIT, Louisiana Women in Technology. We advocate for more young ladies to enter STEM professions, particularly a career in technology.  In May we put on a day for middle schoolers called IT GIRLS. That was a blast! Look for us on FACEBOOK.


      Today I am traveling to North Carolina to see the Smokies and visit with my daughter. We love to travel and explore all over. There are SO MANY opportunities to give back and enjoy this beautiful world God made.