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    a 3-legged will tip over more easily than a 4-legged table


      As an image for streams of income or sources / nest eggs) how many legs for a Retirement stool?

      The most difficult parts / legs for me to begin adjusting to are:

      1) her Rollover IRA (at time of retirement was 403(b) )

      2) his Rollover IRA (same note)

      3) her Roth IRA

      4) his Roth IRA

      Independent of those four, beginning our fourth year in retirement proportions will be:

      00.38% is annuity - after all that I rolled over out of those investments (his)

      03.5% pension (his)

      46.34% pension (hers) - the Board of Pensions is not a fixed amount but is reviewed annually and sometimes increased (July)

      49.8% Social Security - combined - both were are 67 in 2011 when we began receiving Direct Deposits - 2011 October.

      What triggered this is we just took a six day trip - Philadelphia, then New York City. I totaled the spending

      and wanted to compare that per day (for the six days) against what retirement income we have Per Day

      (divide annual total by 365.25)

      Note: excluded are all Medicare premiums, supplementary medicare insurance premiums as well as all the money we have withheld each month against Federal Income Taxes -- none of those figure in the percentages.

      My pension is so miniscule that to make things fair I would need to use a lot more out of #2 and #4 -- all my spouse's employment since 1980 ordination was under the Board of Pension. Mine is primarily from ancient work I did employed by insurance company 1974 to 1985. That is why it is such a small percentage -- of the 3-legged metaphor.