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    whose to say if someone loses that I must lose


      "worst week in two years" has to be filtered through reason. Prices in "the market" are set by mutual agreement among sellers and buyers.

      When each party is acting "freely," then each is (in theory at least) "happy" with the transaction(s). Each person (psychologically) has reason(s) to sell or to buy. However, for all those (of us) who neither bought nor sold, what happens during the "worst week" is moot and totally theoretical. A share is a share is a share. The number of shares has not gone down at all - and the price of a share is pure fiction until a sell / purchase transaction or series of transactions has taken place. In any case, I look at longer trends such as year-to-date or most recent 12 months or even "since 2007" downturn. I am more than content.