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    movin' is hard to do


      Moving is hard to do


      Don't take your love away from me
      Don't you leave my heart in misery
      If you go then I'll be blue
      'Cause moving is hard to do

      apologies to Neil Sedaka


      During much of my retirement, I have been an obituary addict -

      how many times have I read that someone after retiring


      (somewhere else) and then after a decade or even fewer years

      moved back

      where they died (back home again).

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          BoBraxton, that's very interesting. Why do you think people leave in the first place? Why do they move back? I understand you stayed put after retirement. Did you have any urge to relocate?


          Has anyone on the community relocated post-retirement, only to return to where they lived previously?

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              I'm one of those who fully intends to relocate. It isn't because I don't like it here. It's a nice area, safe, with plenty of things to do, close enough to the big city but remote enough to enjoy the peacefulness of rural life, good medical facilities, and just an all around good place to live.


              So why would I relocate? I've lived within 20 miles of here for more than 6 decades and I want to experience something new. I've pretty much seen it all and done it all here. If my next phase in life was to die I'd be perfectly content to nestle down here but I'm thinking I'd like to make that next step about living, not dying. If relocating doesn't go well for my wife and I, we'll either move somewhere else or return here, but we're going to take advantage of our early retirement and experience something new. Hopefully something fun and exciting.


              It is going to be hard? Probably. We're going to leave the home we built together, friends and family, and our small town comfort zone. We're going to have to change habits and give up things we've worked for and accumulated, but I just have to believe there's something worth seeing on the other side of the hill.

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                misconception about what it would be like to go elsewhere (my thought). Sense of Place and what "home" means -- things "we" may be missing in a world where we think any place is as good as (or better than) another. The thirty years we have lived here - by far the greatest part of our lives. Before that, nine years NYC, five years Millburn NJ, four years Morris County NJ