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    pay and tell


      Washington Post:

      Want a say on pay?

      Tell them what you make.

      Back when we still had a cafeteria at The Post,

      the topic of salaries would occasionally come up

      over lunch among the reporters. I’d

      invariably conduct a little experiment in

      behavioral economics, offering to

      reveal my salary if they revealed theirs.

      Over more than two decades, not one of these

      professional snoops and truth-tellers ever took me up on the offer.

      I was reminded of that when reading about the

      new regulation by the Obama administration

      banning gag rules at government contracting firms

      that prohibit or discourage employees from

      talking to each other about pay.

      A survey this year by the Institute of Women’s

      Policy Research found that 62 percent of

      private sector employees thought their companies had such policies.

      Even at The Post, where as far as I know there was no such policy,

      the social norm against revealing your own pay

      was sufficiently entrenched that nobody did it anyway."

      Sounds like to me that, in context, "it pays to say."