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    damsel in shining mail rescues knight in distress


      ... lead us not into temptation

      but deliver us from daily mail.

      I cannot cope (with mail). It took me decades to admit it.

      Now the spouse in shining armor rides in to take over.

      The stack from our USPS mailbox goes on the kitchen counter top

      above the built-in recycle center and she does her magic.

      I get the essential bills (to be paid).

      Even in that case, "monthly" comes along much too frequently,

      as does "quarterly" and where practicable I pay ahead for a few

      months as a time. I view this not as a free loan to the utilities

      but rather as an affordable price for a modicum (little bit) of

      peace of mind for me.

      Before this, my hoarding obsession and "stacks" system of filing

      totally overwhelmed.

      My nine-syllable poems take up much less space -- so far.