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    toying with imagination


      Our first grandchild was born July 2007. The all-time favorite gift for this child (not yet age seven) is an "imagination box" (the cardboard box is one of the imagination toys): string (includes a red man's tie); tube (cardboard, such as that which used to hold gift wrapping paper); stick (includes a walking cane "found" growing that way on a walk through the woods); a "batman" cape; simple "things" that can be used in imagination. The single bed in our basement becomes a sailing ship, the long brown pillows become gang-planks, a section of sisal rope from Kenya becomes the means of tying up the ship to the dock -- and so forth.

      When I have retired, my "imagination box" makes use of ball point pens (red, black, blue), lined "college rule" notebook paper, the margins of the newspaper page for Letters to the Editor and FREE for ALL -- and blog places to read and reply, including this.