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    final home


      We (married 1967) are about a quarter of a century further (in age) and personally I moved:

      age 1, from Orlando, FL, to Snow Camp, NC; age 3 from old house to

      brand-new house my father built, 0.1 mi. on the edge of the farm

      of my maternal grandfather; age 21 from NC

      to New York, NY, East Harlem;

      age 23 to Morningside Heights, Manhattan;

      age 25 to West 29th Street (Chelsea);

      age 27 to Charlottesville, VA; then

      less than one year later to Yorkville, East 81st Street, Manhattan;

      age 30 to Millburn, NJ; age 35 to New Vernon, NJ;

      age 40 to Fairfax, Virginia, where we are still living three decades later.

      This was the first house we purchased and it seemed we were paying a fortune,

      especially with our mortgage interest rate at the time of 13 1/8% -- which

      we were able to get out from under in a few years.