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    I believe in mighty sod


      My spouse has waited patiently for thirty years since we bought and moved into this house.

      Mostly on Saturday, a business owner with five other workers completely re-did our 1/3 acre Lot, including laying sod.

      Now we are supposed to water - daily (or every other day). The boss (of the landscaping) is turning that duty over to "us" now.

      I have been looking on-line.

      This house built about 1970 had two hose-bibb places but only one is working now.

      The landscape person put in a "Y" there and two long hoses to water in different place on this corner lot.

      Actually there will be a three-way and there are three hoses, all new.

      In the meantime, on -line I found something called the Yard Camel that can drive multiple water sprinklers.

      There are no reviews (yet). Anyone acquainted and have experience with such. The price is about $400 depending.