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    holding hose T age


      I am hoping there are some gardeners (not vegetables, the ornamental) among us.

      In recent years we have had boiler valves installed for garden hose management but not at our main residence.

      A boiler valve has a lever which turns just one quarter, 90 degrees. Across the pipe is OFF, aligned with the pipe is ON.

      Unfortunately, the two places to connect hoses at our 1970 house uses the round handle and washers that decay and must be replaced.

      For aging folks, they are also very difficult to turn on and to turn all the way off.

      Secondly, one of the two outdoor hose bibs must be turned off in freezing weather.

      The secondary cut-off is very high in the basement ceiling (unfinished) and the same type of valve control.

      It should also be a boiler valve with a simple lever that turns just 90 degrees ON and 90 degrees OFF.

      Better than that is the one we had installed around 1995 when we had a complete re-do of the kitchen.

      The cut off on the outside of the house actually operates one that is recessed far (a foot to 18 inches) inside

      so there is no necessity to cut off the valve inside the basement to avoid freezing.

      As much as these physical difficulties (as we age 70 and beyond) is the connecting and disconnecting the garden hose.

      It should just snap off and snap on, rather than laborious screw and unscrew.

      Also, a long garden hose is heavy and stiff. Aging in place should be able to do better.

      My story has a run it the garden hose.

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            Work scheduled to be done tomorrow (Friday): 90-degree ball value cut off / on for outdoor garden hose connection(s); 12-inch freeze-resistant cut-off (extends through cinder-block basement wall; ADA-compliant inside shut-off lever, boiler / ball valve -- after 30 years of living in this house (constructed circa 1970 or not long after that). We were age 40 when we bought this (our first) house.

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              In deference to the story about a huge rock that no one could dislodge until they used "Nate" as a pry-bar (better Nate than lever) - today

              than Nate



              The plumber (for three decades we have been living in this house) installed a quarter-turn (90 degrees) freeze-resistant 12-inch garden hose cut-off AND what I presume to be an ADA-compliant boiler valve lever (which also turns 1/4 turn to cut off inside the hose) with sloping copper so the water, after being cut off, will flow by gravity completely emptying the cold water pipe for freezing winter weather). Just in time, since we are seventy years old (or almost) and growing weaker by the minute.