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    What have you been for me lately?


      "Controversial evaluation method prompts group of Houston teachers to file lawsuit."

      My first "annual performance review" probably took place in 1974 before my 30th birthday; my most recent in 2009 before my 65th.

      To me this organizational ritual (also sometimes called "performance evaluation") was for me the most despised, unfair (mostly I would say "useless") and dreaded annual obligation. Fortunately for me, I almost never had supervisory responsibilities where I had to do an evaluation on someone other than myself.

      The first such review to my knowledge is recorded in Exodus 5:7:

      "You are no longer to supply the people with straw for making bricks; let them go and gather their own straw.

      My first office job was at a large insurance company which provided in-house training on management and the first thing they stated very clearly in that week-long course was "performance evaluation is NOT salary administration."

      That was before the circa 1980 "recession" with a new emphasis on productivity.

      Now, with the Great Recession (and leading up to the same) to "brightness" in German - with productivity, so what is the purpose any more since there is no money to go around to pay for increases.

      People not yet retired more or less are feeling grateful to have a job (any) and a paycheck (almost any).

      Instead of an annual evaluation of performance (what have you Done for me lately?) it would behove people who are now retired to do an annual "existence" evaluation -- what have you Been for me lately?

      Only Sinatra was torn between to be and to do -- do be do be do be do.