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    socially awkward and tone


      For some time I have been aware of Asperger's (on the autism spectrum) having some connection with being socially awkward.

      For example, Doc Martin (British television, Public television) is a program that I can laugh very loudly and enjoy because when I see how "clueless" he is (socially) I strongly identify. The thing that I just noticed today is the connection with "too loud" and voice "high pitched." My spouse suffers a lot of stress due to my loud (she calls Shouting and anger). One couples counselor (religious) called it my Energy but apparently it is difficult not to attribute negatively the behavior. To me, "energy" is more or less a neutral term. However, it is the "tone" that my spouse finds very difficult; and that includes the high pitch of my voice as well as "too loud" shouting. "You don't do this with anyone else" she tells me each time. For myself, I am aware that the oldest of four children (my father was second born) sister born 1911 as a very young child had diphtheria and the four in that generation (all dead by now) have a "whine" or high pitch in their voices. Although I attributed the "whiny" voice and pitch / tone to that early disease, maybe Asperger's / autism actually runs in the family (my paternal side of gene pool). In any case, we have been married more than 46 years and my spouse is certainly long-suffering.