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    what am I doing now? (repeat)


      My brain (such as it is) picks out the next action. I see an image of it.

      Then when I begin moving in that direction, somethings when I come upon the new scene,

      I don't remember, so I am asking:

      what am I doing now? (repeat)

      This is what I was just saying / asking.

      Now that I AM doing, I can remember - sit, movement, Chromebook, finish up, return to my typing in the basement.

      As far as I know, I am not yet in the land of dementia but I am starting to come upon some details that I imagine to be some landmarks.

      A story I heard a decade or two ago: someone mid-way on the house stairs

      trying to think

      "Am I on the way up the stairs to go take my bath - or

      am I on the way down the stairs, having just taken my bath?"

      What am I doing now?