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    roof water harvesting


      This does not seem to fit as well in topics "Home" or "Money" although in my mind it could have to do with both.

      In Virginia in the summer (hot) months, my spouse likes to "water" and the irony is that the water is treated and comes through our municiple water (and thus into sewer) system, while our front (sloping) has a problem with both gully and sheet erosion, visible to the eye.

      Both in East Africa and now on a week-long visit in Arizona (Tucson and then near Douglas, southeast) I was able to see roof rain water harvesting so this led to thoughts of doing that as well here in more rainy Virginia.

      Some factors:

      Rain barrels can be placed under downspouts to capture runoff from the roof.

      By installing a rain barrel at home you will:

      Provide your plants with water they will love! Unlike treated water, which is "softened" with dissolved minerals,

      rain water is naturally soft. The water stored in rain barrel is better than municipal water for

      washing car/vehicle and watering indoor or outdoor plants.

      Save money and water! Instead of water from the tap or faucet, use the water you've saved

      to keep home landscape happy and growing ... also reduce municipal water bill.

      In the case of Fairfax County Water Authority, the sewer charge is based on winter quarter water usage

      (in thousands of gallons) - and the sewer portion of the "water" bill is by far the greater charge.

      I'm just not sure what happens to rain barrel in freezing temperatures - does one empty it and store the container inside

      (garage, for example)?