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    reunion in-law


      Spouse is the "baby" in her family (born 1943) with older sister (1942) and brothers (1929 and 1927).

      When I first met the oldest in 1966, he was younger than is our one offspring now.

      A few times we have had a Pirkle family reunion.

      In 1994, the 90th birthday of matriarch Grandma Chee-Chee on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay;

      later in Callaway Gardens away from Atlanta in Georgia (there were eight); most recently at Yosemite (there were seven, the other husband "out-law" had died, pancreatic cancer, past age 70; and now (Arizona, still holding at seven). The other two "out-laws" are female spouses in turn of the 1927 and 1929 (already turned age 85) brothers - one in California, one in Georgia (close to "hot"-Lanta).