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    retirement expensive stay-cation


      When we were forty, we moved here from New Jersey. This summer that will be thirty years. You do the math. We paid $116,500 and our mortgage interest rate was 13 1/8% for which we paid a broker's fee (to get). We live in a county with population greater than a million. We have one offspring, married, two grandchildren: age 6 and age 2. They live near enough for us to walk in about forty minutes. We just had both upstairs full bathrooms re-done "in place" with addition of grab bars, shower seat (above stainless steel), multiple cabinets (wood) and dual shower (heads) - one fixed and one movable both up and down and stretch out. The house was built in 1970 so the bathrooms as well as hallways and all the other rooms are tiny by 21st Century standards. Spouse retired from Presbyterian professional ministry, 27 years senior pastor at the same congregation / location. At that time, we combined two bedrooms (of four) upstairs into a single (double the size) luxurious office in this house, including having a skylight put in above the executive (and classic) desk. We had our kitchen totally redone circa 1995, about doubling the usable kitchen space without building out at all. We did that by eliminating a hallway on the same main floor and relocating the entrance coat closet, which used to protrude into the kitchen space. The basement is unfinished, the garage is filled with ping pong table and outdoor tools for gardening (minus the double-wheeled wheel barrow). We are on a Huge corner lot (mostly flat) and we like it here - for next decade to fifteen years, imagining. You?