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    Retiring abroad


      Just turned 60, and slowly winding things down. I had an early, but long, stint in academic research. I then crossed the Rubicon into corporate America for ten years or so. Finally, I went solo as a freelance translator and part-time teacher. I have a mixed bag of 401K/403B/Roth etc. and am contemplating retiring in my country of origin after 32 years in this country. Many many questions to answer before making the leap, the least of which are the financial questions. It is mostly the uncertainty of re-adjusting to a culture and society I left long time ago and which has evolved on a different path than I have. But, the main reason for my move back is that both my parents - he at 92, and she at 86 - are still alive and relatively healthy, which allows me to spend some time with them, and learn to cope with ~30 or so more years before it is my turn. We have good aging genes in the family, and everyone lives well into their 90s. So, more time to retire than I know what to do with.