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    night dreams mares and other farm animals


      Twenty-five years before the turn of the century I wrote / recorded (by hand) my night dreams, which were many:

      now "shall I wear my trousers rolled / shall I eat a peach?"

      the night dream that woke me up: it was after 10:00am - that is how long it had taken

      (commute) and seemed a waste not to take the day off

      since (1) I had been working without pay (all these years)

      and (2) who knows how long the reverse commute would be.

      Reminds me of decades of the "I have a final exam

      for which I have not read, have attended no classes,

      don't even know where the exam venue is and anyway,

      as I realize inside the night dream, I already

      earned the college / grad school degree - so isn't it

      a bit silly to be attending school the second time all these years - to what purpose?

      Probably could blame some of this now on the recent anti-malaria prescriptions 2013 August and 2014 February.