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    Cohousing: help when cost of gas is high


      Important to think about when planning where to retire is how we will get around when we are not as nimble and with as much money in our pockets as we have now. The stories of seniors being stranded in suburbs with no public transportation, no grocery stores close by, and doctors miles away are taking on more relevance for me as I watch gas prices rise. I have chosen to settle where I know I have good bus and light rail close by, so I can get around the city without having to drive. I can walk to my grocerty store. Also, and very importantly, I have chosen to live in a cohousing community. We each have our own apartments, but we also have a common kitchen, dining space and family room. We have communal meals multiple times a week. If I cook once a month for the group, I can enjoy two-three meals a week cooked by someone else. When I need to go to the airport, I can always find someone to give me a ride and to pick me up when I return. When others go shopping, they are happy to pick up one or two items I might have forgotten. We participate in a local food co-op to get fresh produce, and because we have the space  we are the drop off site, so the produce comes right here. We also routinely do car sharing, so it is not necessary to have the expense of maintaining a car on one's own. There is a lot to be said for thinking ahead, and chosing an option that will allow us to remain as independent as long as possible, as well as in touch with close neighbors.