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    Not Fitting In Existing Perceptions

      When you retire from a long career primarily with one company, but later unretire, take a temp position with a company that offers a permanent position that you accept, you don't seem to fit into the traditional perception of retirement. When you are queried about retirement, how do you respond. Friends remember that you retired, but now you are working again full-time with the income that matches or surpasses your income history. Retirees generally fall between 55-65, but you are well past that range; therefore, when retirement is discussed your situation isn't covered. We hear how people are working longer, and I'm not talking about the casual, stay-active, part-time jobs that many seniors take to just stay busy and keep their minds active. I'm talking about a position that is the equal of your previous, before-first-retirement jobs, with full benefits, a new 401(k), and a second retirement plan. However, and this is the point that I'm trying to make, our programs, our perceptions have not caught up with reality. The majority of retirements are still, I believe, along traditional lines. However, there is also a sizable, growing  community of new workers who are these retired once/working again types, whom no one seems to know how to address and who do not fall into existing perceptions. Recognition and enlightenment are called for.
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          You are so right!  The new retirement is more a circular model of exploring, mastering, mentoring and renewing ourselves.  The average age of first retirement is 57.5.  Notice I said first retirement.  We are now seeing that what is more valuable to people is living a life that values meaning over rest and personal fulfillment over leisure.  Not that we don't also want relaxation but the prospect of potentially 30 years of "rest and relaxation" is more than most of us can stand!  The new retirement does not mean an end to work rather it is the desire to do work that deepens our interest in life.
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              We are a new generation with an entirely different paradigm. We have multiple streams of income from a variety of activities, perhaps corporate jobs but also consulting or crafting or additional avocations in paralell with the so-called career. Bill and I jumped the corporate ship at 55 when he was offered a nice package and focused our energy on our two other businesses THEN found this gorgeous house in the mountains at a steal and opened an inn and retreat center. So we are multiple-enterprise entrepreneurs. We are both 62 now and look forward to another 30 years of doing interesting things. So what if they happen to also make money? We ran to something, not away from it!
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                  Lyn Swett Miller

                  Thank you LeeA and SheilaOranch!  I love your statements "we ran to something, not away from it!" and "The new retirement does not mean an end to work rather it is the desire to do work that deepens in our interest in life."  Bravo!!!  As my husband and I figure out our last decade or so before official 'retirement' for him, it is clear that I am just getting going.  Such fun!!

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                I agree .


                I'm working into my late 70's and early 80's. I tell people I have no plans to retire. I am a multiple degreed and multiple certified professional, in big demand at 62.  I endured an age related mass layoff long ago, so the older worker stigma is a very sensitive topic to me.


                I'm not counting on Social Security for the long run, either; it's just a supplement. All those contributions are something that the Washington establishment wants to use for something else - if it could (and probably will).


                I hear so much junk from the press and government that older people are a burden to the country. Pure rubbish - we older ones that can still work will take care of ourselves - our focus will ensure that we won't be surpassed.