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    Poll (negative ads) - an alternative

      My answer to the current poll question about negative political ads cannot be captured by either "yes" or "no", so I'll post it here.
      I want the influence of money from large organizations to be removed from our political system altogether, and have concluded that in the meantime the system is such a horrible mess that it doesn't even make sense to talk about it. I'm thoroughly fed up with the whole political system we've got. I've seriously considered not participating at all as a protest, only to realize that such a strategy would be completely ineffective.
      So here's what I do instead, with faint hopes of making something happen: I've resolved for the rest of my life to never ever vote for any Republicrat again. If the candidate's party affiliation is Independent or Green-Rainbow or something like that, or if the race is "non-partisan", I'll go ahead and consider individual positions in more detail. Otherwise my ballot just has a lot of blank spaces on it.
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          Party affiliation has almost nothing to do with what a person will do once they are in office.  What is important and seemingly never considered today is what the person has done in their life prior to entering the race.  I am not saying they had some meaningless misdemeanor violation of the law but how they interacted with the people they live close too in their community.  If you want quality people to represent you in government you need to run yourself or make an effort to squash negative ads completely so average people are willing to run for office.
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              I think I didn't express myself very well, so let me try again:

              My personal feeling is that "negative ads" are so unimportant I've not even bothered to think about them.

              If I had to choose just one political concern of mine, it would be removing the influence of big money. (My second and third and fourth concerns would be allowing non-rich people a realistic chance of winning office, allowing splinter[third] parties some representation, and greatly simplifying voting and elections.)  These issues matter a whole lot more to me than what someone will do in office. As long as elected officials have to spend a significant portion of their time raising money for the "next" election, something is wrong. I'm down on Republicrats not because of any split loyalties and not because of what they will or won't do in office, but simply because major party affiliation seems to be a pretty good proxy for the overpowering influence of money.

              The only way I've come up with to forward any of my concerns (other than involving myself in politics full time, which I'm not willing to do:-) is my rather strange recipe for voting. There must be a better way   ...but it's is all I've got so far.

              (In the larger scheme of things, I'd like to see mandatory public campaign financing, totally non-partisan ballots and elections, and Instant Runoff Voting  ...but I know those things fall into the category of "tilting at windmills.)