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    The Old PARTICIPANT Magazine

      Just wondering how many people miss or even remember the old PARTICIPANT Magazine that just seemed to disappear a while back. I really enjoyed that quarterly communication that gave TIAA-CREF an opportunity to discuss important subjects or changes to its services in greater depth. I do not see where the same quality resource is available to us any more.

      There are some pretty important topics and changes that we all could benefit from more in-depth information on. For instance:
      • Estate tax law changes and gotchas in this time of Congressional inaction.
      • How does one integrate beneficiaries with charitable gifts.
      • What do the almost incomprehensible "frequent trading" rules in various prospectuses really mean.
      • What happened to the Real Estate Account in the recent downturn and what changes might we expect.
      • Finally telling us why TIAA eliminated the long time historical 50 basis point difference between Traditional and Supplemental AND will it ever be re-instated.
      • Etc.
      Almost all investment managers are whining to their participants that valuable services are being eliminated or converted to electronic "equivalents" because of the need to lower costs (forget the customer service). Is there some place within this on-line resource where the routine (quarterly, say) in-depth communication on topics important to effective management of our retirement assets can be re-instated?