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    Spousal benefit question

      My wife started collecting S.S. four years ago when she turned 62.  Here's my question:  When I turn 66 (my full retirement age), can she move and collect an amount equal to 50% of my S.S. benefit?  If she can do that, it would increase the amount of her S.S. check due to my lifetime income and payment into S.S which exceeds hers. 
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            You didn't say what the difference in Social Security amount was, but according to a class I took yesterday, as long as you are 66 and have not taken your social security yet, a spouse can claim half that social security.
            But if she took her own social security early, she will have to repay everything she received and then wait to collect her own social security at a later date.  You cannot collect both.
            They gave an example:  
            Both spouses were 66 years old.
            Neither took his/her own social security.
            The spouse got half of the other's social security.
            At age 70, both took their own social security.
            At that time the "half" was cancelled as spouse got his/her own.
            For the 4 years between ages 66 and 70, the spouse who got half, got free money.  None of the money ever had to be repaid.  
            Also, by waiting till age 70, Social security grew by about 8% we were told.
            If no one worked during that time and did not contribute to SS, they still got more $ than if they'd taken SS at age 66.
            good luck on deciding what to do.