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    Why not make assessible the standard ?

      I often wondered when ADA came into being why the housing market did not adopt a handicapped assessible model. This would mean all housing would be built with doors wide enough for a wheel chair.  At least one entrance wheelchair assessible.  To change a house is very expensive.  But to make the housing codes handicapped assessible would benefit us all.  As we age the likelihood of time in a wheelchair increase and those with parents who are in chairs could more easily accommodate them.  What would the cost be to make a door width 4 inches wider?  One ramp per house as part of the development design?
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          What a great idea!  Why haven't developers thought of this.  We have had this problem a couple of times in the past few years, first with me on crutches, an with Mom after knee surgery having to manage steps with no banister or using a grassy access where it was slippery.  Our home is only 5 years old, and one of the reason we purchased was to do away with a second story for easier access.  But getting in and out of the front door is impossible with crutches or wheel chair, and the garage access, though only two steps is limited in width.