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    medical care overseas

      I'm fed up with the US medical "care system," and by that I mean the excessive role of lawsuits, the over-reliance on extra tests, the overpriced fees for doctors' visits, the amount of paperwork to fill out, the uncertainty of what a policy covers and not, the price of prescription drugs, the difficulty of obtaining dental coverage, and in short, just about everything.  I don't consider our "care system" the best in the world, I'm tired of sustaining somebody else's bad personal habits with my insurance premiums, and I'm confused by the bewildering array of supplemental insurance choices we're confronted with. 
      So I intend to seek as much medical service as I can through foreign providers, such as those  available in Dubai, the Indian subcontinent, Singapore, Bangkok, etc., and avoid the US industry as much as I can.   But, even though I work overseas and have obtained acceptable services in about six or eight different countries where I've been employed, I haven't yet made contact with any hospitals or HMOs in any of the above-named cities that have been identified as centers of "medical tourism."  And here's my question:

      Has anyone out there yet made arrangements with health caregivers (hospitals, insurance programs, HMOs, etc.) in foreign countries?  I'd like to assemble a list of contacts (e-mails, telephone#s, addresses) that I'll maintain and use in the event that I might need a new spleen in Singapore, dental surgery in Dubai, a mastectomy in Mumbai, etc. 
      Maybe this forum could begin to assemble a "medical board" that lists the places, the contact #s, the specialities, and the addresses of these foreign institutions.