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    Health Insurance

      Here I am.  Retired at age 60.  Small teaching pension coming in.  Own health insurance covered until age 65, BUT I am now paying an $820 monthly premium a month for my lovely spouse.  Great insurance BUT can I get similar coverage a bit cheaper.  All of her upcoming check for social security in another 2 years will not even cover her insurance premium. Any ideas out there????
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          How about affordable healthcare for all?

          To the best of my knowledge, the U.S. is the only industrialized country without affordable care for citizens.  Try talking to your U.S. Senator or Representative.  Seems to me we should pay on a sliding scale based on income.

          Nobody rides for free, but everyone would pay something.

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              What does "affordable" health care mean?

              Why does the government give its' employees free medical, but the rest of the country can't get the same coverage?

              Why can't we get rid of all the paperwork and have a Kaiser type "whole person" medical facility for everyone?

              Why do some people pay hundreds of dollars for one medicine while another only pays $5 for the same med?

              Why is life so unfair? The poor have no health insurance, go to Emergency Rooms and make the cost for all go up?

              Why doesn't congress read their own bill? Who wrote the bills before Congress? Why can't they "break it down" for all to understand and vote "line by line" to make a proper bill. Why not take the Medicare law and modify it for national health care?

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                  As my local state representative said in a meeting when I had similar questions, "Life ain't fair."  I really wanted to throw up on him.  And, this joker has a PhD in Economics.

                  It sucks, we're screwed, and what else can be said.  In the last 2 months I have received numerous -- additional bills--

                  for medical services rendered up to 3 YEARS AGO!  What's up with that? ? ? ?

                  I rec'd a bill yesterday from an office visit I had in March.  Come on doctors, you haven't squeezed enough blood/cash out of us and now you have some clandestine office worker sending out bogus bills.  Most requests for more money have been resolved with a follow-up call and generally their response is, "Sorry, computer glitch."  Yeah, right.

                  The big pharma and insurance companies have a huge lobby in D.C.  I voted for change, but I see no change--yet.

                  We should have a seamless health system that we keep for life.  I have had to change providers 6 times in four years.  Premiums get higher, in - network, out of network, copays, blah, blah , blah.  It truly is too much to even try to comprehend.

                  I know some people don't like Michael Moore, but if you want to really get upset with our current system, watch SICKO.

                  keep the faith