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    Dental coverage

      What is a good dental insurance? Most insurance coverage for Dental has decreased so drastically over the last several years it is hard to find a good policy out there. Any suggestions?
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          From my experience, unless you are working and have an employer subsidised dental insurance it has only value to control dentist charges. If you do not have an insurance they charge you as if there was no tomorrow. I have not found the best as of this time since I have retired in September.
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            My wife and I just joined Delta Dental in Nov and I have had major work done with   DD paying 1/2. with no waiting period.

            Worth trying.


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                We used a discount plan rather than insurance for four years right after I retired early with four kids in high school and middle school. It worked really well and kept our dental expenses very reasonable. We even used it for orthodontics for two of us. It is important to note that most dental insurance programs have more in common with prepaid plans than with regular insurance, which is designed to cover catastrophic and unexpected costs, so you are really paying for mostly routine coverage with your insurance premiums. Since most dental expenses are predictable (regular checkups and cleanings) it may make more sense to get a discount plan for those expenses, and keep an emergency fund to cover the unexpected charges like cavities or root canals. We actually spent much less on dental care during those four years paying for everything out of pocket and using a discount plan than we spent during the previous four years with traditional dental coverage through my employer.