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    Individual Health Insurance


      I'm looking for some opinions on the importance of an unlimited lifetime maximum in an individual health insurance policy and how to determine if the additional premium for a policy with that feature is worth it.

      My choice is between a $3 million lifetime maximum and the unlimited. The premium difference is slightly over $4,000 for the next policy year. The premium for the unlimited lifetime maximum policy is 73% higher than the premium for the $3 million maximum policy.

      I have had a HIPAA policy for the past two years. There was a 24% rate increase after the first year and a 33% rate increase after the second year.



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          It seems between 55-65 health insurance is AWFUL! My premiums have increased 200%

          I pay $425 a month....have a $5,000 deductible & no co pay. So, if I do need to see a doctor it is $100-$200 per visit PLUS my monthly premium. Ouch!       I am afraid of HMO's  ever since my  boss was not allowed a  low cost power chair even though she had lost both legs.  They would not deal with anyone who had HMO insurance.

          I am 61 & usually only need to see the doctor once a year.   Am I missing a better deal somewhere??

          Thank you!



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              Hi - is your policy an individual policy (not thru an employer group)?  What insurance company is it?
              Did you have to submit medical information to qualify?
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                  My company has changed hands sooo may times. It is now Assurant..was John Alden...cannot remember before that. It is individual as my late husband was 14 yrs my senior & agent thought it best. It has steadily increased each year. I was turned down for cheaper insurance last month online as I did not fit their height/weight guidelines. I workout...am healthy...no meds.....see doc once a year & have to pay $125 for office call on top of premium. Just gets me down sometimes.