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    Pre-Existing Condition Shock

      I retired early (63) and applied for the PCIP (Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan) after being denied individual or private health insurance.  I rec'd a letter of acceptance and an invoice for the first month's premium.  My initial joy was quickly downsized to shock when I read that my premium would be $665 per month with a $2,500 deductible!  Excuse me?  There is no possible way for me to pay  that for the 2 year interim until I quality for Medicare.  I'm happy to pay a premium but that amount is a punishment, not a benefit.  Needless to say, I won't be a participant.  Anyone out there have the same or better experience with the PCIP?
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          Without employer contribution, that is a realistic price for health insurance with a fairly modest deductible. What's the lifetime cap? What are the exclusions?

          Our HMO coverage for a couple, no children, costs close to $1200/month. That's not what we pay, fortunately, but it's the market cost if we did have to come up with the money ourselves.

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              While I was under 65 and the wife a few years younger, we paid that about $650 for a $2500 deductible both in AR and IL. The wife had some eye surgery and they wanted to exclude all eye coverage for ever, but I went toe-to-toe with them and they restricted it to one eye for 2-3 years. Do NOT ever believe that you must take any insurance companies decision as is. I fought a rate increase in IL up to the insurance commission and won because the independent agent provided out-dated literature. So in 2 totally different  states, I backed down 2 very large insurance companies (BCBS) by just refusing to accept their arbitrary decision.

              Go for it!!!!!!!

              Just remember, even if you have to pay, a large insurance company like BCBS will get you a very discounted price on the same service that you could never get.