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    Need for supplemental insurance?

      I may be able to retire next year, and wonder what happens if you don't have supplemental insurance. This mishmash of coverages is bewildering. Anyone have experience with going it on Medicare alone?
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          there is a article in the recent Consumer's Report on Health Insurance, and medicare insurance.  I have had AARP supplimental insurance and pay ZERO premium with this PPO.  Beware of HMO if you travel because it doesn't pay well away from home, but the PPO can pay.  you do have to buy Medicare B for $105/mo.  
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            All insurance is complex, but I find that the Medicare Plans A - XYZ define required coverage and then you need only look at any extras the insurer adds.  Medicare even gives a rating for each provider. That helps too. Just remember that Medicare has deductibles and pays only 80% of many things. A supplemental can cover all of those costs depending on which plan you choose.