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    Starting a Business

      I am 63 years old and thinking about starting a nonprofit business of my own before I actually retire from my present job, or just work part time.  I have submitted my 501(c)3 for approval last month.  I did most of the work myself and then I had it reviewed by an attorney.  It took me over 8 months to do it correctly. What should I be doing while I am waiting to hear from the IRS?
      Linda T
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          have you completed a month by month year long cash flow projection?  why a non profit?  I retired from Small Business Development center at WKU in 11/2008 but I would recommend you visit your local SBDC for them to review your business plan.  As we get close to retirement it is probably good advise to not to go into risky ventures but there is also the idea tha t it is time to follow your heart. Good luck on what ever you chose..email me at rick.horn@wku.edu if you desire additional followup.