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    Changing companies - Max annual contributions

      I'm quitting my current job at the end of the month. I have already maxed out my 403b ($17,500), 457 ($17,500) and my Roth ($5,500) for 2013. I also have an employer defined contribution retirement plan.
      My new job will have a safe harbor 401k with a match of up to 4%.
      I know I can contribute up to 17,500 into a 401k. But will I be running into total maximum contribution limits?
      From what I read here http://www.irs.gov/uac/2013-Pension-Plan-Limitations there is a 51,000 limit to contributions - but are those just for 415 types of plans? I just can't tell what makes up the 51k. Will my employer contributions be added or is it just my elective contributions? And does the Roth count?
      My AGI is less than the limits so thats not a problem. Any advice?